Damoon Ladani's Portfolio

Spot Maintenance

7Dental is a reputable dental clinic located in Ottawa, Ontario, with 7 locations across the province. I had the opportunity to design the website for 7Dental, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy for patients to find the information they need and book appointments online. In addition, I also developed a custom CRM that connects all 7 locations, allowing for seamless patient management across the clinic’s network.

SpotMaintenance is a reputable cleaning and restoration company in Ottawa that offers a wide range of services to keep properties clean and looking its best. I designed their user-friendly website that showcases their services and experienced professionals. Customers can easily request a quote or schedule an appointment online through the website, making the process of maintaining the property simple and hassle-free. SpotMaintenance is dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning and restoration services and making it easy for customers to keep their properties in top condition.